Star Wars Day Party Ideas (3D Printed!)

Ah, May possibly the Fourth &#8211 1 of the punniest, funnest times of the 12 months. You might have your Star Wars Working day bash at dwelling, or at operate (not each and every firm will take the working day off to enjoy movie video games and watch Force Awakens on blu-ray like we’re accomplishing below). And when it will come to Star Wars 3D products, there are Actually. Limitless. Opportunities. So where ever you discover your self celebrating, might the Fourth be with you all working day many thanks to these 3D printed Star Wars Working day Bash thoughts.


If you just cannot have May possibly the Fourth off, and Jedi robes are not particularly inside of your office’s definition of enterprise everyday, below are two 3D products you can don with extra subtlety.

Leia’s Ceremonial Necklace

from shapeways - leia necklace princess_Leia
From Shapeways, this piece was initially built by Björn Weckström, 1 of Finland’s most well known jewellery designers. It was first seen on Leia for the duration of the Royal Award Ceremony at the finish of A New Hope.

Rebel Alliance Tie Clip

container_rebels-printrepreneur-series-tie-bar-14-3d-printing-29509 container_tie-clip-rebels-3d-printing-18109
Stand in opposition to the Galactic Empire and crooked ties with this 3D printed tie clip. Below&#8217s a free version as well.


What is a getaway bash without the need of a small imbibing? May possibly I recommend Star Wars Day themed cocktails? Use these in your journey…

Star Wars Cocktail Picks

Garnish your Wookieetini, or skewer an appetizer in model. Topped by the Millenium Falcon or the Empire and Rebel Alliance symbols.

Star Wars Empire coasters with TIE Interceptor Foundation

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From MyMiniFactory, this one is pretty genius. A TIE Interceptor built to maintain up to 12 Empire coasters. So if you despise separatists but also ring stains, this is your jam.


“Patience! For the Jedi it is time to try to eat as perfectly. Take in, try to eat. Very hot. Fantastic food items, hm?” &#8211Yoda

Yoda Bowl


You listened to the learn, now eat popcorn out of his head! We printed this design by Printed Stable for the launch of Drive Awakens and took it to the theater where by we turned a good deal of heads. Also would make a good Halloween candy bowl.

Wookie Cutters

cb72f74861a9abbbd8a607bf877924e4_preview_featured r2d2_preview_featured tytyuk_pavel on pinshape
Cookie cutters are 1 of the the most straightforward points you can 3D print with the most scrumptious benefits. We normally suggest to be very careful when employing 3D printed things with food items, your very small cookie dough particles could get caught in the little layer gaps that exist in 3D printed objects and result in microorganisms buildup. So thoroughly clean perfectly and be very careful. Obtain these good styles here, here, and here.

FreezePop Lightsabers

You never need to have my aid figuring out how to have pleasurable with a toy lightsaber, but swapping out your plasma blade for a freezer pop is some outstanding Star Wars Working day Bash assistance. 3D print the base, pop in your popsicle, and preserve your small Jedi fingers from acquiring also chilly. Also test a glowstick for non-edible glow-in-the-darkish pleasurable.


Lest you toss a dull May possibly the Fourth Bash, you have bought to preserve those people mates or co-staff entertained!

Free of charge Han Solo


Alright, so this is equally a food items and an exercise. Obtain your Han Solo model here and area him in a Jell-O mildew (aka carbonite). Free of charge him as the bash goes alongside. Fantastic.

Star Wars Monopoly* Collectible figurines of Your Personal

*or Possibility, or Sorry, or Lifetime, or Trivial Pursuit.

These Star Wars versions of 3DHubs’ Marvin are a ideal melding of your two enjoys. Swap out the primary game’s people with these for &#8216A Quite 3D Printing Star Wars Working day&#8217.
So if your favored character from the films didn’t make it into the game as an primary figurine, 3D print your have design and dominate the Galactic Board Wander. Find Rey here, from Pinshape. Or here from Thingiverse.

container_IMG_0778_1_ - Barry Berry on Pinshape medium_star-wars-rey-3d-printing-68069

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