Laser Marking and Laser Etching on Glass for Industrial Applications

The marking of glass for industrial use has been completed for hundreds of many years. In the earlier the approaches applied have bundled ink stamp marking, sand blasting, air grit, acid etching, scribing and so on.

Industrial apps of glass marking include things like:

one.Marking of security details on security glass applied in professional and household design. This incorporates glass regions about doorways and/or entrance and exit spots.

two.Marking of glass for professional and household design to recognize the glass or doorway maker [for product identification and marketing/sales activity]

three.Marking of headlamp or tail gentle lens in automotive apps for manufactures title, calendar year of manufacture and/or section quantity. Also applied in the manufacture of televisions for marking mirrors and lens.

four.Marking of serial quantity, item identification, or other production details for the avoidance of theft and validation of guarantee promises

five.Marking serial quantities, section quantities, textual content, or bar codes making it possible for for areas to be tracked however the generation procedure until eventually closing assembly and cargo

The standard approaches of glass marking all require speak to with the area of the glass item which exposes the item to anxiety and probable problems. Co2 lasers give major positive aspects for marking glass goods. The RF enthusiastic sealed beam Co2 laser coupled with a galvo head and software program provides the speediest, cleanest, most trustworthy technique for marking and etching glass.

A Co2 laser can laser mark glass with bar codes, specially two-D or details matrix bar codes, which can conveniently be coupled with eyesight devices for studying the details contained in the bar code. The use of bar codes on glass will allow for the item to be tracked all the way via the generation procedure until eventually closing assembly. This will help guarantee a constant uninterrupted provide of item. The laser marked or laser etched bar code can also be applied following the sale of the item for identification functions and validation. This will help to do away with guarantee prices relevant to counterfeit or unauthorized goods.

A Co2 laser marked or laser etched bar code can also be read through by eyesight devices in the production procedure to decide the identification of the section. Illustrations include things like prescription power of eye glass lens, or the style of entrance headlamp lens applied in a Honda Civic. This assures that the section is sorted and applied appropriately in the course of the production procedure and that the appropriate quantity of areas is created primarily based on expected income for closing assembled factors.

The improvements of Co2 laser marking of glass around standard approaches are comprehensive. These include things like:

o No speak to with the section as in scribing approaches thus lessening the risk of breakage to and problems of the section, as nicely as elimination of the servicing needed for the scribe device

o No solvents, thinning, or cleansing brokers to buy and hold in inventory as in the scenario of ink marking or ink printing devices, thus noticeably lessening prices of procedure and doing away with the require for constant servicing related with these a variety of ink printing systems

o No pads for ink printing to keep as they can drop to an angle or come to be turned sideways triggering the printed picture on the glass to look sideways or not sq.

o No require to quit the glass in put and make certain a protected in shape with the rubber mask is fashioned as in the scenario of Airgrit marking

o With Co2 laser marking for industrial glass apps the item can be marked on the fly [while moving]. If stopped or ‘squared’ for marking, 5 to 8 traces of textual content as well as logo’s can be laser etched in much less than .five of a 2nd

o With Co2 laser marking no materials are essential and no secondary procedure exists for cleansing or servicing

o With Co2 laser marking alterations to the mark [different text, different logo, difference shape, etc] can be attained with a uncomplicated click on and drag command of the mouse

Co2 laser marking for glass in industrial apps is the speediest, most efficient, the very least high-priced technique in which to mark the item.

Source by Jim Morin