Illuminated Letters – How to Create a Convincing Illuminated Manuscript

Utilizing this technique it is really uncomplicated to develop a convincing gilded manuscript that has the glance and really feel of legitimate vellum or parchment.

To do this you will require:

An inkjet printer, Microsoft Phrase software package or very similar and a superior top quality off white or product paper to print on to.

Imitation gold leaf. This is for the illuminated letters.

A bottle of gold dimensions, there are several various versions, I propose making use of an acrylic dimensions like Uncomplicated Scribe as it is really uncomplicated to use.

Blonde de waxed shellac. This will change the tone of the paper and give the paper the really feel of vellum / parchment it will also seal the gold leaf so that it does not tarnish around time.

Methylated Spirit is desired to dissolve the shellac, this is a 90% evidence alcoholic beverages built to odor and style really lousy.

Some little paint brushes and a one or two inch paint brush.

And finally you will require a craft knife and ruler, additionally a chopping mat, or a sheet of thick card to reduce on.

I propose earning up the shellac alternative initial, we will not require it until eventually later on, but it receives it out of the way.

To make up the alternative just take one portion of shellac flakes to four sections alcoholic beverages.

Be mindful that the alcoholic beverages does give of fumes, ideal to do this in a ventilated home.

Utilizing a screw leading jar insert the flakes and alcoholic beverages and enable it stand for 24 several hours give the combination an occasionalural stir. If problems are chilly it will just take for a longer time to dissolve.

Now develop your doc in Microsoft Phrase if you want the glance of a medieval illuminated letter pick out an Outdated English typeface.

If you do not have these kinds of a form deal with mounted on your Personal computer you can quickly get them as there are several internet sites that offer you cost-free fonts.

If you want to use a big fall money you can do so in Phrase by likely to Structure / Fall Cap / Dropped.

Alter the coloration of the money letter from black, to pale pink we do this in buy that we can see the letter to be gilded.

When you have completed building your doc in Phrase, print out although several copies you want to develop.

Utilizing a little paintbrush, paint the money letter with the gold dimensions.

When the gold adhesive is prepared it is time to utilize the leaf.

Take away one particular of the leaves jointly with the entrance and back again tissue to assist it, and reduce it up into suitable dimensions with your craft knife.

Now raise up one particular of the parts, discarding the base layer of tissue but which include the leading layer, and lay it down in area around the big money, the leading layer of tissue paper safeguards the gold whilst you rub down firmly.

Getting rid of the surplus gold leaf from the illuminated letter.

Just take a little size of masking tape and carefully dab the gold leaf, the surplus leaf will adhere to the tape.

When you have taken off the surplus leaf it is time to utilize the shellac coat.

Give a generous coat of the shellac alternative to the entrance and back again of the paper.

Depart to dry in a heat home.

Source by Richard Norman