Dry Processing: A New Paradigm – A Unique Solution for the Concentrated Phase

The Listing KneaderReactor is a one of a kind option for processing in the concentrated section. It permits polymerization without the need of solvents, and it is an productive option for polymer devolatilization. The KneaderReactor functions as a sequence of mixing chambers primarily based about both a solitary rotating shaft with static counter-hooks, or two intermeshing shafts. Both equally variations are self-cleansing. The KneaderReactor overlaps in operate with each the stirred tank and the extruder, nevertheless differs from each. Being familiar with these dissimilarities will help us to see how kneaders can finest fulfill the demands of the polymer sector.


For productive mixing and management of the warmth of response, a steady stirred-tank reactor needs significant quantities of solvent to dilute and neat the polymer option. A KneaderReactor can reduce most or all of that solvent. The KneaderReactor is an great technological know-how for manufacturing absolutely free-radical primarily based copolymers in the concentrated section. The bulk response is managed by evaporative cooling. A regular case in point is acrylates, for which there is a entire world-scale reference plant primarily based on Listing Technologies. One more case in point is reactive block copolymerization, which makes use of managed radical polymerization to tailor polymer houses. Biopolymers can also be processed in a KneaderReactor. Polylactic acid (PLA) and polysuccinimide are illustrations of how solvents can be removed from the response phase through biopolymer manufacture. Monomer conversions previously mentioned 97 p.c are achievable. Watchful specification of the amount of mixing chambers earning up the KneaderReactor guarantees lower foaming and excellent management of absolutely free-radical primarily based polymerizations.


Because 2000, KneaderReactors have also furnished significant competitors for extruders in taking away unreacted monomers and other volatiles. The fundamental operate of an extruder is compelled conveying at substantial shear fees (1000 s-one), initially melting and then conveying the merchandise, with a simultaneous develop-up of stress. Extruders absolutely have their area in devolatilization but their limited home time (two minutes or considerably less) minimizes their flexibility. To eliminate volatiles properly, an extruder demands to renew the polymer floor a few situations in just the offered home time. This in flip needs a certain configuration of the mixing things that in common is appropriate for only a solitary polymer quality.

One more problem with extruders is that get hold of in between the screws and the barrel can contaminate the polymer with metallic particles. The Listing KneaderReactor receives about each these troubles. With a for a longer period home time than an extruder, shear fees are a lot reduce (100 s-one), and running versatility is better. And in contrast to an extruder, the shafts and paddles of a KneaderReactor do not contact the barrel.

The added benefits are:

  • No steel-to-steel get hold of, so no metallic contamination
  • 1 one of a kind shaft geometry handles Mooney viscosities of 20-100
  • Minimal shear removes the threat of merchandise problems, in particular for very unsaturated polymers
  • Substantial turndown ratios

KneaderReactors are utilized to devolatilize temperature delicate polymers this kind of as BR, SBR, SBS, SIS, styrenebased elastomers, butyl rubber, halobutyl rubbers and polyisoprene, and for metallocene-primarily based elastomers. Where by required, drinking water injection cools the soften, decrees the vapor stress of volatiles in the fuel section, and strips the volatiles out of the soften.

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