Build and 3D Print a Twitter-Enabled Christmas Snow Globe

This snow world seems to be like an standard Xmas decoration. In fact, it has magical Twitter powers many thanks to 3D printing and Raspberry Pi.

Spencer Organ is a maker with a mission. A incredibly distinctive, festive-time mission.

“Every yr I consider to create a thing with a Xmas flavour to have at house and to exhibit at several Raspberry Pi activities,” he claims.

This yr, he’s 3D printed a plastic household and positioned it inside of a snow world bell jar. A rather essential notion so much, but this snow world has experienced a important improve from your bogstandard snow world.

How so? It is related to Twitter, so the household lights up in distinct designs when unique keyword phrases are brought on.

So, for illustration, just about every time another person needs you “peace on earth” or “joy to the world” through Twitter (which, let us deal with it, does not transpire as normally as it need to), the snow world gentle could flip the disco lights.

“I was eager for this venture to appear like a store-purchased Xmas decoration,” points out Organ.

“I also desired to create a thing that would have twitter connectivity and reply to tweets or opinions mentioning me.”

twitter snow globe

This Twitter Snow World is on the ALL3DP Want Checklist

So how did Organ do it? First of all, the product is sourced from Thingiverse. Properly adequate, it is referred to as “Christmas House” and the designer is Mathijs Boogaert.

Beneath the household is a Raspberry Pi Zero W with a Pimoroni Automation pHAT and Unicorn pHAT.

Organ soldered all the things alongside one another and then did some programming to join the venture to Twitter, letting him to specify keyword phrases to obtain distinct results inside of the household.

“The default impact is snow with heat firelight,” he claims. If the next keyword phrases are tagged in the tweet you will see:

  • “snow” — White foundation with snow results
  • “party” — disco lights with snow results
  • “Christmas” — gold foundation with snow results

If you are intrigued by this venture and extravagant making a Twitter Snow World of your incredibly possess, read the full tutorial from Organ here.

Just be very careful to prevent connecting it to any Twitter functions regarding a person Donald Trump. Your snow world will probably self-destruct from humiliation.

twitter snow globe

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