Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct and Bowden Extrusion

One particular of the most critical components of a 3D printer is the extruder. This pushes filament to the incredibly hot conclusion to be melted and extruded. There are 3 essential components that all extruders share: a stepper motor, a driver equipment, and an loafer. Although the factors of extruders are all the exact same, there are two unique forms of extruders: Immediate and Bowden.


Immediate Extrusion Diagram
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Immediate Extrusion

The variation amongst Immediate and Bowden extruders is the site of the extruder in relation to the incredibly hot conclusion. Immediate extruders, as the title indicates, are straight connected to the incredibly hot conclusion and are a portion of the print head.


Given that Immediate extruders are positioned earlier mentioned the incredibly hot conclusion with minimal house amongst them, a Immediate extruder retains the length that filament need to vacation from the extruder to the incredibly hot conclusion to a minimal. This qualified prospects to the major pros of this type of extrusion.


Improved Extrusion and Retraction

Given that there is considerably less length for the filament to vacation, extruding and retracting the filament will become significantly less complicated. Fundamentally, the filament is much more responsive to the extruder. This implies that there is considerably less stringing and oozing that takes place due to the fact of even worse retraction and qualified prospects to a larger excellent print.


Smaller sized Motors

In addition, the closeness of the extruder to the incredibly hot conclusion implies that considerably less torque is essential from the stepper motor than in a Bowden extruder. For the reason that of this, the stepping motor does not need to have to be as significant or as highly effective as in a Bowden set up. On the other hand, a significant motor can give much more electric power with a Immediate extruder, which can be useful.


Broader Array of Filaments

Immediate extruders are also ready to successfully print a broader selection of filaments, most notably, adaptable and abrasive filaments. Although adaptable filaments can perform with Bowden extruders, Immediate extruders can print them much more successfully. This is due to the fact a Immediate extrusion method is much more constrained.



On the other hand, the site of the Immediate extruder also qualified prospects to its major down sides. The fat of the extruder on the print head can guide to quite a few challenges. Given that the print head is regularly relocating, further fat to go all over could guide to backlash, banding, overshoot, or body wobble. Moreover, the dimension of the extruder can be disadvantageous for some 3D printers, as it will make up a vast majority of the print head.


Bowden Extrusion Diagram

Bowden Extrusion

The reverse of Immediate extruders, Bowden extruders are not connected to the incredibly hot conclusion or print head. Alternatively, the extruder is taken off from the print head and is most generally connected to the printer system. The filament is then fed to the incredibly hot conclusion making use of a Bowden tube.


Lighter, More quickly, and Additional Correct

Like the Immediate extruder, quite a few of the pros and down sides occur from the site of the extruder in relation to the print head. The greatest benefit is the lowered fat of the print head. Given that the extruder is taken off from the print head, there is considerably less fat on the print carriage.


Also, due to the fact the print head is lighter, a printer making use of a Bowden extruder can print more rapidly, much more correctly, and much more exactly. This can outcome in possibly larger excellent prints or a lot quicker prints, as the print head can go at larger speeds. Moreover, Bowden extruders are much more compact and acquire up considerably less house than Immediate extruders.



Although Bowden extruders can raise print velocity and cut down the print head fat, there are quite a few down sides that make them considerably less attractive than Immediate extruders. For just one, they simply cannot use as quite a few filaments as successfully as Immediate extruders. Although they can print adaptable filaments, these filaments are inclined to bind in the Bowden tubing. Moreover, Bowden extruders simply cannot use abrasive filaments due to the fact these filaments will have on absent the inside of of the Bowden tubing.


Bowden extruders also need to have a bigger retraction length and a much more highly effective motor than a Immediate extruder. This is due to the fact of the improved friction on the filament in the Bowden tube, which can guide to a considerably less responsive extrusion method, much more stringing and oozing on the print, and much more resistance and drag with the filament.


There are some organizations that are hoping to resolve some of these difficulties. One particular case in point is Capricorn, which will make a Bowden tube that is supposedly superior at printing flexibles and places considerably less friction on the filament.


Diagram of Bowden (remaining) and Immediate (appropriate) extruders.

Which One particular Should really You Select?

There are quite a few components to take into account ahead of selecting amongst a Immediate and Bowden extruder. With a Immediate extruder, it is critical to have a steady printer body to make certain that the print head can take care of the added fat. With a Bowden extruder, a totally constrained extruder method is critical to make certain the filament travels the place it ought to with out binding.


It is also critical to take into account which kind of printer you have. A Delta printer requires to have a light-weight print head and need to use a Bowden extruder. A Cartesian printer could use possibly but ought to have a superior body when applied with a Immediate extruder. Also, a printer with a number of extruders is effective most effective with a Bowden extrusion method.


At last, the use of adaptable or abrasive filaments and the need to have for a lot quicker printing speeds ought to also be viewed as. If you strategy on making use of adaptable filaments or abrasive filaments, then a Immediate extruder would perform most effective. If you want velocity and are making use of a much more common filament, then a Bowden extruder will perform just as very well.

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